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Welcome to the Nandi Veterinary Associate Blog. We will feature news and events from the Equine and Canine communities.

News and Events

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  The foals have begun to arrive here at Nandi Veterinary Associates, we will keep everyone updated with our new arrivals!   Mare:                                          Date Due:                 Date Foaled:                   Stallion:                          Freezer Cash                                  1/25/2017                     2/17/2017                          Western Ideal                     Colt Give Me Life                                  1/28/2017                       2/9/2017                          Well Said                              Colt Jenny's Money (ET)                       2/7/2017                         2/22/2017                         Well Said                            Colt Manalapan (ET)                             2/7/2017                          2/25/2017                        Sebastian K                        Colt Baileys Breeze                               2/12/2017                        2/10/2017                          Explosive

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What are the Most Common Equine Toxins?

Nearly half (44%) of all equine toxicities were due to the ingestion of poisonous plants, such as yew (seen here). There’s no equine-specific poison control center. But if there were, what would the statistics show? Swiss researchers recently looked into the details of reported toxicity in Swiss horses,

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Practical Horse Feeding for Adults

While you should always consult your veterinarian for the feeding program best for your horse(s), here are some basic guidelines to help you begin structuring your feeds and feeding program. Horses' diets require six essential components: Energy: Grain and hay (especially alfalfa hay) provide energy. Hard working horses, such as performance horses, need more

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