Established in 1985, Nandi Veterinary Associates is located in New Freedom, Pennsylvania. The facility was built in 1996 to serve as a veterinary clinic and offices for Nandi Veterinary Associates. Nandi is a general equine veterinary practice with a Board Certified Theriogenologist, specializing in reproductive services for stallions and mares of all breeds. Nandi also provides canine reproductive services.

At Nandi, we are a family owned and operated farm. Our experienced staff works closely with Dr. Sheerin to ensure a quality experience for both pet and client. The Nandi Veterinary Diagnostics laboratory allows us to perform many procedures on site. Dr. Sheerin works directly with clients on everything from routine health exams to 24 hour emergency care within the area.

Nandi, the bull, is the Hindu god of fertility and the worship of Nandi is believed to go back to the ancient Indus civilization. It has become a custom for women to visit images of Nandi and bring floral offerings, touch the stone and pray for fertility. Nandi was the symbol of the Society for Theriogenology (animal reproduction) from its origin in 1954 to 2006.

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Our Facility
Nandi Veterinary Associates encompasses nearly 120 acres in southeast PA. The clinic is located two miles west of New Freedom, Pennsylvania adjacent to Route 851. The facility was built in 1996 to serve as a veterinary clinic and offices for Nandi Veterinary Associates. There are five barns with a total of 65 stalls. The main barn contains mare and foal and stallion stalls in addition to the breeding shed and mare examination area. The weanling barn houses an additional breeding shed and semen laboratory. A 68-foot diameter Equiciser™ is under roof for year-round preparation for sales or racing and exercise during inclement weather. Two of the newest barns at Nandi incorporate a stall-cleaning system, similar to those frequently used in dairy cattle facilities.

There are numerous fields and paddocks of varying sizes, five loafing sheds with lights, and run-in sheds. The fields and paddocks are fenced using four board, diamond mesh, and safety fencing.

An onsite laboratory is used for semen processing, embryo transfer, bacteriology, and hematology.. In 1998, Nandi Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (NVDL) was approved by the United States Department of Agriculture to conduct official Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA or coggins) tests.