Nandi Veterinary Associates has a variety of canine services that we offer our clients. Dr. Sheerin has been providing canine reproductive services since 1994. Our services include: breeding management, semen collection, semen freezing, semen shipping artificial insemination, evaluation of problem breeders, and pre/post pregnancy exams.

Listed below are our canine services along with a description. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Breeding Management of the Bitch

At Nandi Veterinary Associates, we offer services for breeding management of the bitch. Breeding management is often a complicated situation and not always a simple operation. The proper management of a bitch is imperative to its long-term fertility We will monitor the bitch through her cycle via blood progesterone, vaginal cytology and vaginal exam. This will allow us to determine the optimum time to breed the bitch. Follow up exams will allow us to determine that the bitch has ovulated. These exams will help increase pregnancy rates and litter size.

On the initial exam, a physical exam will be performed to determine if the bitch is in satisfactory health for breeding. Routine progesterone testing will permit us to follow her cycle. Currently, progesterone blood is sent off site for testing. In order to receive results the following day, samples must be obtained before 11 am to allow for processing and pickup. This turn around time is sufficient to allow us to determine the optimum time for insemination. .

Pregnancy can be determined 30 days from ovulation using ultrasound. Ultrasound allows us to visualize each pregnancy. We can evaluate the placenta and monitor fetal heart rates. Bitches that have experienced pregnancy loss in the past can be followed on a routine basis to allow for intervention if needed.

Stud Dog Semen Collection

Evaluation of canine semen is an important part of the fertility workup in dogs. Spermatozoa are constantly produced throughout the life of a male canine. The health of the sperm is affected by the health of the male. Some illnesses may make a dog infertile for a period of time. Semen evaluation is highly recommended when breeding, even if the dog has sired many litters before. Semen is evaluated at Nandi prior to insemination, before shipping and before freezing.

Semen evaluation consists of collection of the semen, followed by the analysis of: color, volume, pH, clarity, speed (velocity), count, progressive forward motility, total motility and morphology. Morphology is the percentage of normal spermatozoa in the ejaculate and the percentage and types of abnormalities present. It is determined by examining the semen under the microscope and counting and characterizing the cells. Semen evaluation is performed before breeding takes place. If semen is to be chilled for shipment, it is highly recommended a semen evaluation and test cooling take place. A semen evaluation is mandatory if the semen is to be frozen.

Freezing and Shipping
Freezing the stud’s semen allows us to preserve the sperm for long periods of time. Semen properly prepared and maintained at constant temperature is theoretically good forever. Semen is stored in liquid nitrogen, which is -196 centigrade. Semen is evaluated before and after the freezing process. Doses are based upon the number of progressively motile sperm present after thawing. This will help optimize pregnancy rates and litter sizes. Nandi offers clients various options for handling semen samples in the breeding process. We can either use fresh semen collected at Nandi or cooled samples shipped from outside locations. Also, we have the ability to ship fresh chilled semen across the United States. We can also store semen frozen prepared at Nandi or sent from other facilities. Please contact us if we can provide more information to help you with obtaining and using semen from your stud.

Artificial Insemination

Breeding dogs naturally is always the best means to achieve the highest pregnancy rates. There are circumstances that sometimes arise where this method is not possible. Heavy show commitments or scheduling difficulties may make it impossible to arrange for breedings to occur. This is when Artificial Insemination can be beneficial.

Our veterinarians are skilled at performing Artificial Insemination using fresh chilled or frozen semen. When fresh chilled semen is provided, it is typically inserted vaginally. Frozen semen is implanted surgically in order to optimize fertilization.

Approximately 30 days after artificial insemination has taken place, Nandi will do an abdominal ultrasound to confirm that your dog is pregnant. We also examine the pups to make sure they are growing properly.

Evaluation of Problem Breeders

Problem breeding bitches encompass a wide range of issues. It may be a bitch that is difficult to get pregnant or a bitch that gets pregnant and does not stay pregnant. It may be a bitch that does not cycle normally. We will work with you and your bitch to help determine the cause of the problem and ultimately find a remedy for the issue as well.

The evaluation may include hormone measurements, cultures of the vagina or uterus, ultrasound examination of the uterus and ovaries. We will take a step by step approach to increase our likelihood of finding a cause of the issue.

Please contact us to evaluate your dog’s history and begin our work with the dog.

Pregnancy Examination

Canine pregnancy ranges from 57 to 72 days from a single breeding. This is due to the variability in the ovulation timing and semen survival in the bitch. During this time hormonal and physical changes develop.

Approximately 30 days after the bitch has been bred, we will confirm that puppies are present. This exam will be done via ultrasound. We will evaluate the placenta, the fluid surrounding the pregnancy, the size of the pregnancy and the heart rates. We will give an estimate of number of puppies present. Since the entire uterus cannot be visualized at one time, this number is only an estimate. In order to accurately determine the number of puppies present, a radiograph (x-ray) needs to be taken after the bones start to mineralize. This occurs in stages. Typically, radiographs are taken approximately 50 days from ovulation to permit maximum accuracy in counting puppies. properly and the health of the mother is still good. If you would like an X-Ray to get a puppy count, it is recommended that this procedure take place 3 weeks prior to delivery.